About Us

Nanjing Hovoo Machinery Technology Co., LTD

■ Our Company

Our operation center is located in Nanjing, which covers an area of more than 1000 square meters. The center currently has 45 employees who manage different areas. Hovoo is the largest agent of Beilite crushing hammer and the only designated agent of BKS in China. Therefore, we can solve different brand needs for customers and provide one-stop service.

We always focused on the field of construction machinery. Our factory has a complete and advanced production line. Also we have clear division of labor, strict quality inspection and a full set of storage system.

Hovoo is your trusted partner, providing high-end products and making you different!


■ Our Products

We're mainly engaged in the research, manufacturing, and selling of seals for a variety of businesses. For example, piston seals, rod seals,  rotary seals, piston and rod seals, food-grade oil seals, pneumatic and hydraulic seals, engineering machinery seals, oil seals, compact seals, wear strips, guide rings, PTFE seals, PU seals, wiper seals and so forth. We will create pre-assembled seals based on clients' samples. A complete range of products, rich specifications, selection without worry!  


Set up the project and start preparing

Develop business for hydraulic crushing hammer market

Enter excavator market

Brand of Hovoo was established

Act a agent of BKS

HOVOO become the general agent of BKS in south of China

International business department was established

Set up R&D department to research sealing technology in various fields

Test the performance of products in various fields

Enter global market such as North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and etc.