Excavator price is not cheap, many people will be in doubt when buying, in the end what brand should buy? Which model of the brand will be more suitable for you and last longer?

So, a little bit of knowledge to share with you.


American brand, self-produced, powerful, high price, high fuel consumption, short forearm, reliable and durable, especially suitable for mines and large construction sites.


The first brand of Excavator in Japan, independent production. Good strength, fast speed, good hydraulic system, more fuel saving, value preservation.


Japanese brand, domestic assembly. Fuel economy, general strength, low price


It is a Korean brand, which is relatively middle-of-the-road in comprehensive terms, cheaper in price, lower in fuel consumption, large in possession but low in value preservation.


fuel – saving and durable, general strength, fast speed, long forearm.


 The king of small digging, Kubota in the agricultural machinery world famous. Kubota excavator is also particularly suitable for field work, with super fuel saving, low noise, fast speed, flexible.


Good at medium and large excavators with large strength, good quality and high price.


Car, truck and excavator triathlon with high configuration, higher price, higher oil quality requirements, excellent performance.And second-hand is also very expensive.

Post time: Jul-12-2022